By Van Jensen, writer of Green Lantern Corps and Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer (and other comics), magazine editor and Nebraskan transplanted in the South.
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Asker mrwyx Asks:
Please tell me the Indigos are making backup rings for everybody the New Gods stole rings from. They made a new central Green Battery, in fact, I expect them to be hard at work making new blue rings and a new blue battery.
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

The Indigo Tribe hasn’t yet learned of the full threat of the New Gods, but they will, soon enough. While they made a Green Battery, they did not make a new foundry of any color. Right now, only Sinestro has the capacity to make new rings. Scary, huh?

About the New Gods vs Green Lantern comic... Is Kilowog dead too?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

Nope, Kilowog is alive and kicking…for now! 

Asker mrwyx Asks:
Van, can you please tell me that the rings the New Gods stole WILL NOT AT ALL be destroyed? At all? That they will be returned to their rightful owners?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

The fate of the rings will be revealed before too long, I promise!


See what happens when you Kickstart? You get unique books like @van_jensen’s THE LEG!

THE LEG is loose in the wild!

On ‘Big Bang Theory’ tonight, there was a stop at a comics shop. And at that comic shop, some comics were on display. And central among those comics was The Flash Annual #3. Which is a comic I co-wrote. Cool beans.

'The Leg' arrived this week! Got all the books into storage and starting preparations for shipping copies to our backers.

The book is also going to be available through book stores and comic shops in November, but you can pre-order a copy now at your local shop.

We had a lot of great reviews of Green Lantern/New Gods: Godhead #1, but this one from Hector Hammond is my favorite, hands down.

Asker mrwyx Asks:
Will we see Big Barda in GodHead?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

No, sadly. Big Barda (love her!) was a bit preoccupied.

Futures End: Green Lantern Corps, the cover that moves! Out next week.


Happy 97th Birthday, Jack Kirby.

Your party favor is 170 of his double page spreads

Could not be more honored to be playing around in the Fourth World sandbox. And, yes, we’ll have plenty of big spreads in Godhead!

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