By Van Jensen, writer of Green Lantern Corps and Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer (and other comics), magazine editor and Nebraskan transplanted in the South.
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Futures End: Green Lantern Corps, the cover that moves! Out next week.


Happy 97th Birthday, Jack Kirby.

Your party favor is 170 of his double page spreads

Could not be more honored to be playing around in the Fourth World sandbox. And, yes, we’ll have plenty of big spreads in Godhead!

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DC has a teaser out for the upcoming Green Lantern: Godhead storyline, starting in October. Here’s a bunch of designs from the super talented Pete Woods of both existing characters and a few new ones (including three that I got to create). This thing is going to be epic.

In DC Comics continuity, it is now established that Central City has a furry-themed bar called The Zoo. You’re welcome, world.

Full preview of The Flash #34 here!

Asker mrwyx Asks:
Was Yrra lying when she said she never loved John? I think the truth is that she has NO idea whether she truly loved him or not whatsoever. Does that sound accurate?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

I wouldn’t say Yrra was lying. More that she was trying to convince herself. Did she have feelings for John? Yes. The Star Sapphire ring just intensified that emotion. Does Yrra still love John? That remains to be seen.

THE LEG is on the way!

Our printer just sent this photographic evidence that the book really, really is printed. Copies are en route now, and should be here in about four weeks. We’ll let Kickstarter backers know as soon as their copies are on the way.

Out in November: Flash fights a dinosaur! John Stewart fights a New God! Fightfightfight!

Flash, meet Batman. Batman, Flash.

Asker mrwyx Asks:
Van, I just read Green Lantern Corps #34. I want Star Sapphire Yrra back. Is this gonna be temporary? Is Yrra ever gonna be a Star Sapphire again?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

Only time will tell! But she’s awesome with or without a ring, if you ask me. 

In this state, even inmates are paid when they work.
That was Ernie Chambers talking about the injustice of the NCAA and college athletes back in 2003, in an article I wrote on the topic in the Daily Nebraskan. I have to imagine Ernie is feeling at least some satisfaction at all of the recent decisions challenging the NCAA, which is just an absurd, awful organization.