By Van Jensen, writer of Green Lantern Corps and Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer (and other comics), magazine editor and Nebraskan transplanted in the South.
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A quick update before I head off to Comic-Con:

  • Flash #33 comes out tomorrow! It has a great fight sequence featuring a dude with lots of muscles. Gross! Preview here.
  • At Comic-Con, I’m signing at the Top Shelf and DC Comics booths. If you are there, you should swing by and say hi.
  • We’re just sending The Leg off to the printer. It’ll be ready to ship out to backers in about eight weeks.
  • I’m co-writing GODHEAD, a big Green Lantern event featuring the New Gods. It’s coming in October and will be nuts.
  • I’m building a shed-office, and it now has electricity. This is probably the thing that I’m most excited about right now, aside from impending fatherhood.
This may sound like a stupid question, but where the Durlans, by any chance, inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

Not as far as I’ve ever heard, but they first appeared in 1989, so I guess it’s possible. Worst answer ever, I know.

Asker mrwyx Asks:
Are the Zamarons and Star Sapphires still allies with Green Lanterns despite that thing with the fake Hal in January? Your Options: A. Yes, B. Yes, C. Yes, or D. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, GOD YES! PLEASE! THEY JUST GOTTA HELP JOHN SAVE YRRA, EVEN THOUGH SHE'S CLEARLY CAPABLE OF SAVING HERSELF, BUT JUST TO BE SAFE!!!
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

I’ll answer D, just because that’s the greatest multiple-choice option ever.

Asker mrwyx Asks:
How's Yrra's escape from whatever prison the Durlans put her in going,Van? She's escaping, right?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

Where is she? Have to answer that question first.

Asker mrwyx Asks:
Will Yrra get her ring back in the next Green Lantern Corps? Also, without her ring, will she just turn back into Yrra the Green Lantern killer from the 90's? Or is she WAAAY beyond that possibility?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

All GREAT questions. Which will be answered…next month in Green Lantern Corps #34!

Here’s that Motorcycle Samurai piece, with colors by the awesome Dusty Higgins!

Do the Durlans have a weakness? If yes, what is it?
van-jensen van-jensen Said:

Yes they do. And a betting man would wager on that being revealed in Green Lantern Corps #33, out next week.

I drew a variant cover for the digital comic Motorcycle Samurai. Here’s the raw scan. Turned out pretty cool. Stab!

Read the series right here.

Pinocchio is here!

The omnibus edition of Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer (Top Shelf) has arrived and will be debuting this weekend at Heroes Con in Charlotte. Dusty Higgins and I will be there to launch this 500+ page behemoth.

We hope to see lots of people there, but if you can’t make it, the book is available for pre-order right here:


Green Lantern Corps #32, out tomorrow. Part four of the Uprising storyline. Art by Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo and Moritat.